JoE's TaBLe | Social Fine Dining
is a private bespoke restaurant. Similar in nature to the 1930's speakeasy bars and clubs during the prohibition era. Intended to approach it's guests to a different type of dining experience in a more socialising environment with a clandestine vibe. Offering private venues for personalities of public interest with utmost discretion and anonymity.

Reservations are only by appointment and disponibility. We serve seasonal inspired multi course tasting menus paired with hand selected world class wines. Favoring small winerys and natural processes.
The ingredients mainly of local seasonal farming with a strong focus on ecological and sustainable produces.We offer different tasting menus on different days of the week which change on a monthly and seasonal basis.

JoE's TaBLe is a joint of the Clandestino Kitchen family.

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y of food culture

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