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A word about your dining experience

Our "signature" tasting menu is a sensorial multi course dinner. Inspired and forged out of Joe's travels, experience and personal history in different michelin starred kitchens around the world. With his origins and his grandparents that marked him, always in his heart and mind.

Our concept of a social fine dining experience, is centred around high quality food and wine often with strangers at one table. The dynamics and energy therefore changes immediately when entering the space. Which is intended to elevate a simple dining experience to its major meaning. Recognising the importance of food culture that connects us all around the world to our essence as human beings. Every dish is designed and forged out of a story behind a person, a place, region or historical curiosity.

"Food culture is one of the most important pillars of civilization...
an extension of our nationalistic feeling, our ethnic feeling, our personal history, our province, our region, our tribe, our origins.

Food, is everything we are.

Signature tasting menu:
"a culinary Journey" basic wine pairing incl. €120,00 p.P.

The menu changes several times within the year. Depending on what our Chefs eyes catch on local markets, availability of ingredients, seasons and inspiration.

With a strong focus on organic and sustainable produces slow food and farm to table principles. Serving always as basis to create unique dishes with produces of unique people, craftsman.

In Vino et Veritas

Deluxe wine pairing 🍇
"Lusitano" €60,00 p.P.
"Iberica" €80,00 p.P.
"Tricolore" €95,00 p.P.

Cont@ct us if you wish to add a deluxe wine pairing to your menu.

Our optional wine pairing represents a selection of high quality wines selected by experienced somms and our providers specialised in each country and region. Those frequently travel on the search for unique vineyards and producers to find the wines that match our philosophy to be served at JoEs TaBLe.

They're dedicated solely to this unique beverage that is capable, more than anything else to represent it's "terroir". If you're a wine connoisseur or simply want to taste unique impossible to get in your hometown. We strongly than suggest to try our deluxe wine pairing. We serve with corovin those wine per glass which give you likewise access to unique wines without having to buy a complete bottle.

Contact us directly for our momentary stock when doing your reservation. We're happy to help you with a previous pairing and explain our selections of fine wine.

Lusitano is centred on unique Portuguese autochthonous wines. This wines represent a unicorn in the world which are still to be discovered by many considered experts in the field. 
Iberica  is centred on a selection of old and new approaches of some of the best wines Spain has to offer.
Tricolore our selection of unique french wines. Some classical and some more of new projects and wines of the recent generation of winemakers in France. 

Have a look likewise at our hand selected wines we offer on our wine card. Should you have a preference on a certain wine that you don't find on our wine card. Please let us know our somm will do his best to arrange it for you.

We reserve us the right to adapt our prices for corporate services and bigger groups to cover higher costs in the service.

Cont@ct us directly for more information.



Our secret ingredient ... tracks we listen to in the Kitchen while creating your menu.

We Rock at the kitchen... free yourself to inspiration and enjoy this rock'n tracks when cooking. You'll be amazed about the dishes you'll soon start to create.

Eat, Connect and experiencing
Food Culture